Kaackai Project

EP Water Invest I B.V. (EPW) is established to finance clean water solutions in South Africa that is developed by KaacKai. KaacKai is a South African wastewater solution company providing wastewater recovery installations that produce off-grid clean water for reuse. KaacKai offers a full-service package by selling, installing, and providing maintenance for their installations. KaacKai’s approach simultaneously improves the sanitation infrastructure and contributes to solving South Africa’s water crisis. This project is initiated by the Evenpar Fund (Evenpar). 
Evenpar is a Dutch impact infrastructure fund specialised in investing in renewable energy and sanitation projects with stable cashflows and strong returns.

The KaacKai installations use well-established Danish patented wastewater treatment technology through a long-standing partnership and evergreen exclusivity agreement to sell the installations on the African markets. The technology in these installations use a biological process to optimize the breakdown of the nutrient content by micro-organisms in the wastewater. By combining specific timing and aeration in the system, the digestion of the components in the water is quick and efficient.

The water can be reused for many purposes, such as irrigation, cleaning, flushing and washing. The installations are ideally suited for the African market using low tech, having a robust ‘plug and-play’ design, producing no smell and noise and using minimum electricity, for an affordable price.

Over the years Kaackai has installed more than 15 pod systems in South Africa over the last 5 years. It has set up an operations and maintenance program and contracted several operators to execute these programs. It has the exclusive rights to sell BioKube technology in South Africa. Kaackai has grown into female lead company of 10 professionals.

Read more about Kaackai on their website.