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News Update

Evenpar News Winner ICFA cohortThe International Climate Finance Accelerator (ICFA) named Evenpar as a high-impact fund manager offering innovative solutions to climate change. The ICFA selected Evenpar to be a future leader in the climate finance program of the European Investment Bank. The ICFA has made a short video about the Evenpar Fund. Solar project cooperation In April 2022 Evenpar and a solar project developerContinue reading “News Update”

Africa’s rising cities

Article by the Washington post on how Africa will become the center of the world’s urban future – The washington post. Nov 2021 Read the full article.

Evenpar elected by International Climate Finance accelerator

We are proud to announce that Evenpar is elected by the International Climate Finance Accelerator as one of 5 high-potential impact fund managers to be supported during the 2021-2022 program. The ICFA is a public-private partnership set up in 2018 by 10 private entities of the Luxembourg financial sector as well as the Luxembourg MinistryContinue reading “Evenpar elected by International Climate Finance accelerator”

As waste rises, so does recycling

An interesting article by the New York Times on plastic waste in Senegal. According to the article plastic waste is exploding in Senegal, as in many countries, as populations and incomes grow and with them, demand for packaged, mass-produced products. They note that this has given rise to a growing industry built around recycling plasticContinue reading “As waste rises, so does recycling”


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