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Evenpar Fund

Evenpar is an investment manager that focuses on renewable energy, sanitation, recycling, and circularity projects in emerging markets.

We leverage our experience and expertise to invest in cash-flow stable projects with high returns, using proven technologies and ample available feedstock. As a triple-impact fund, we provide competitive financial returns and invest in solutions to address the global sanitation and energy crisis.

Rapid economic and population growth in Africa is leading to increased demand for energy, and the population is expected to double by 2050. Currently, almost 780 million people in Africa lack basic sanitation services, and only 40% of the population has access to electricity. In these emerging markets, there are resources available to produce electricity and sanitation solutions, but the technologies are not being used effectively.

At Evenpar, we invest in infrastructure projects that have stable cash flow and offer value spikes between the scale-up and operational stability stages. By investing in proven technologies and using ample available feedstock, we aim to help address the urgent global sanitation and energy crisis and provide competitive financial returns for our investors

Triple impact fund – Our focus


We invest in projects which turn low-grade inputs into high-value energy. These projects supply energy and service increasing demand. We deploy efficient conversion technology to create the highest energetic value jump.

Sanitation & reducing waste

By processing and recycling polluted input streams, our circular projects reduce waste and contribute to the reduction of water and soil contamination, public health challenges and the reduction of overfull landfills.

Competitive financial returns

By reducing project risks and optimising impact funding, the fund can provide highly competitive returns for investors

About us

We are Evenpar Fund. Investing in renewable energy water and sanitation.
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Evenpar is elected by the International Climate Finance Accelerator as one of 5 high-potential impact fund managers to be supported by this EIB programme.