Impact report on Clean Water and Sanitation

Phenix Capital released their latest impact report on Water & Sanitation. Revealing that Private Equity is the asset class that has the greatest number of funds committed to Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6), while funds targeting Public Equities have raised the most capital, 41 billion euros, for this SDG! The report emphasizes that solvingContinue reading “Impact report on Clean Water and Sanitation”

As waste rises, so does recycling

An interesting article by the New York Times on plastic waste in Senegal. According to the article plastic waste is exploding in Senegal, as in many countries, as populations and incomes grow and with them, demand for packaged, mass-produced products. They note that this has given rise to a growing industry built around recycling plasticContinue reading “As waste rises, so does recycling”