Newsletter 13-7-2022

Site visits
It is important to have boots on the ground and understand how the technology of partners and projects work on location and in real life.

In June 2022, Caspar Slagboom went on two site visits in Naivasha: Tropical Power’s biogas installation and Sanivation’s fecal sludge to biomass fuel plant. It was a pleasure to see solid examples of good designs and operationally well-maintained plants. Providing a solution to the waste and energy challenges in Naivasha, Kenya.

Impact investing events

In the coming months you can find us at several impact investing events to build relationships, discover opportunities, share insights and learn about the latest industry developments.

We will be at The Global Impact Investing Network Forum in The Hague in October and you can find us at the EVPA Impact week in Brussels in November.

We look forward to meeting you there! 

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