Evenpar newsletter 02-11-2022

Africa’s crucial role in fighting climate change

An article published by the Financial Times noted that Africa is more central to the issues of climate change than almost anyone recognises. Today, with 1.4 billion people, Africa accounts for approximately 6 per cent of global carbon emissions. Going forward, the continent’s carbon emissions will rise dramatically under any business-as-usual scenario. As Africa has the fastest growing and fastest urbanising population in the world. 

It must be acknowledged that African countries have the right to expand, rather than cut their energy consumption. As currently still some 600mil. Africans live without electiricty. 

Investments must be made into renewable energy technologies and innovations and there lies an opportunty for these countries to leapfrog into a new energy age. This is exactly where Evenpar aims to make an impact. 

Find the full article here. 

Global Impact Investor Network

This month Pjotr Schade represented Evenpar at the Global Impact Investor Network. We had the opportunity to connect with like minded impact investors in the sector.

Main take aways: ”Debt is readily available and the equity focus is on deploying funding to reach scale.”

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