Newsletter 30-01-2023

“Advanced” recycled material will be incorporated by Mars to pack KIND bars in Mars Incorporated announced it is packing its KIND snack bar utilising materials sourced from advanced recycling in order to reduce the amount of virgin plastics in its packaging portfolio. Thanks to a ‘closed loop’ collaboration with SABIC, Landbell, Plastic Energy, Taghleef, andContinue reading “Newsletter 30-01-2023”

One of Kenya’s oldest bottling companies gets funded for a clean energy upgrade

Sustainable energy developer Safi Power has completed a 400kWp rooftop solar PV installation at the Coastal Bottlers plant in Mombasa, helping the soft drinks bottler to transition one of its PET production lines to a cleaner and more affordable source of energy. The project, funded by Spark Energy Services (Spark), is expected to generate c.600MWh ofContinue reading “One of Kenya’s oldest bottling companies gets funded for a clean energy upgrade”

Evenpar newsletter 02-11-2022

Africa’s crucial role in fighting climate change An article published by the Financial Times noted that Africa is more central to the issues of climate change than almost anyone recognises. Today, with 1.4 billion people, Africa accounts for approximately 6 per cent of global carbon emissions. Going forward, the continent’s carbon emissions will rise dramatically underContinue reading “Evenpar newsletter 02-11-2022”