One of Kenya’s oldest bottling companies gets funded for a clean energy upgrade

Sustainable energy developer Safi Power has completed a 400kWp rooftop solar PV installation at the Coastal Bottlers plant in Mombasa, helping the soft drinks bottler to transition one of its PET production lines to a cleaner and more affordable source of energy.

The project, funded by Spark Energy Services (Spark), is expected to generate c.600MWh of renewable energy a year, leading to more than 8,000 tonnes of avoided greenhouse gas emissions over the project’s lifetime and a like-for-like reduction in the company’s power costs of over 25%.

Seth Adu-Baah, CEO of Coastal Bottlers, said: “This is a significant milestone for us as Coastal bottlers as we continue to drive and embrace innovation in every part of our business to reduce our carbon footprint.

This case proves the appetite for innovation to reduce companies carbon footprints in Kenya.

Find the full article. 

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